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SCORE maximizes your returns in accounts receivable management by removing client risk through models and expert insights. Our toolbox helps financial services improve roll rates, reduce write-offs, explore risk-based pricing for outsourcing collections and value distressed debt.


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For over 25 years, SCORE has distinguished itself as an industry leader and trusted partner of some of the largest lenders, utilities, and collection servicers in Canada for strategic advisory and innovative solutions that drive competitive advantage in risk and recoveries.

SCORE was the first company in Canada to integrate decision science into accounts receivables management, informing portfolio segmentation, optimizing resource allocation, and automating inventory workflows to improve the bottom line.

SCORE’s advisory and solutions are the industry benchmark for accounts receivables management. Lenders and servicers rely on SCORE to deliver optimal returns for their portfolios during uncertain times, supporting the realization of recovery objectives across the customer lifecycle through analytical insights, strategic advisory, tactical execution, and insightful business intelligence.



We work with SCORE to develop models that maximize recoveries and profitability on our debt. By continually monitoring inputs and output, SCORE helps us better understand our portfolios, so we know what’s working and what to tweak.

We are fortunate to have a true business partnership with SCORE, as we have openness and effective communication, and there are no hidden agendas. When others come in to pitch us occasionally, it only reinforces our belief that we’ve already found the best solution in SCORE.


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Let’s Work Together

SCORE Statistical Consulting Inc.

Canada (Headquarters)

4141 Yonge Street, Suite 305

Toronto, Ontario M2P 2A8

Tel: (416) 861-1217

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