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Project X

A diagram explaining Project X illustrates five tools and expertise provided by Score within Project X.

We refer to the unique combination of SCORE’s industry leading score data, technology, and advisory services as the “Project X” offering.

SCORE’s advisory team draws on its experience and expertise in portfolio segmentation and data analytics, providing best in class recommendations on which accounts to work, when and how.

More than just a collection score, Project X provides ongoing analytical, technical, and operational advisory from the SCORE team that delivers actionable insights and measurable returns to improve the bottom line.

SCORE leverages client agnostic data and customized KPI dashboards to drive on-going analytical insights and advisory to uncover and highlight opportunity segments within each client portfolio in a changing environment.

Project X Deliverables

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț


SCORE’s industry proven scores are now available at a discount of up to 80% with monthly volume and term commitments from both Equifax and TransUnion

Image by Júnior Ferreira

Analytics and Advisory

Ongoing application of SCORE’s data science expertise and advisory to support business and operational strategies and tactics specific to each portfolio


Intuitive SCORE dashboards that drive customized reporting, business intelligence, and data visualization that uncover insights and trends at a cost-effective monthly rate

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