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Insurance Scoring

Property loss and underwriting score for insurance to protect your portfolio from poor risks.

Predict the probability and severity of future claims.

With HITSPlus, you can predict the probability of a future claim occurring and its severity within the first two years of a policy's inception or renewal. The HITSPlus score is generated using current claims history and certain elements of behavioural patterns found in credit data. HITSPlus combines these predictive components into a single, user friendly predictive model that gives insurers the power to predict the future — the probability of a claim and the average value of the claim.

SCORE provides everything you need to enhance the efficiency, consistency and profitability of your habitational insurance underwriting processes.


MVR Predictor is integrated into CGI's MVR ordering system.


Lower MVR expenditures.

MVR Predictor is a statistical scoring tool that capitalizes on the predictive nature of claims history and credit bureau information. This tool gives insurers the opportunity to lower MVR expenditures by reducing the number of MVRs purchased.

65% of the MVRs ordered today by insurance companies and brokers confirm what their policyholders told them, but which ones are telling you the truth? With ever increasing MVR prices from governments across Canada, MVR Predictor can help you dramatically lower your costs by telling you which policyholders you should order an MVR on and which ones you shouldn't.

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