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Scoring and Analytics

Increase your efficiency and maximize returns in accounts receivable management.

Increase the intelligence of your risk management.

Based on credit bureau data, SCORE’s models help you manage risk by predicting which accounts at various stages of delinquency will cure or demonstrate a high probability of payment. The key to success is improving performance by identifying dollars at risk or improving productivity through resource allocation. SCORE’s toolbox helps financial services improve roll rates, reduce write offs, explore risk-based pricing for outsourcing collections and value distressed debt.

How scoring works.

SCORE's models are a toolbox for accounts receivable management. Whether it’s a telecommunications company wanting to improve roll rates on 90-day delinquent accounts or a bank exploring risk-based pricing for outsourcing collections, or a retailer valuing dormant debt, SCORE’s trusted models help companies effectively manage their risk.

SCORE's models use credit bureau data to predict the likelihood of an account curing within 90 days, so that a score of 450 represents a 45 per cent probability of the account curing in the next three months. This short performance window can significantly reduce exposure as delinquency rates accelerate. Our models are more accurate with less risk than a typical credit bureau or behavioural score that uses a 90 plus days past due dependent variable over 12 to 24 months.

SCORE's models assist in reducing exposure throughout the credit life-cycle: from the credit granting process, to accounts management, to distressed debt sales. Our generic models are continuously being re-validated to ensure accuracy and relevance and we also offer custom modeling for clients who require a more specialized approach.

Cost effective with no upfront costs and pay-as-you-go models.

Canada's top banks and 80% of the major collection agencies in Canada use SCORE models to manage account receivables.

A perfect SCORE for every industry.

SCORE's solutions take into account the unique set of customer characteristics in different industries. From long-term relationships for financial services companies, to more fickle lower-balance retail relationships, to higher-turnover telecom relationships. SCORE helps our clients take advantage of industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

Financial Institutions (FI)

SCORE's solutions generate profits for you at every stage of a customer's credit life cycle. For recent delinquencies we can uncover opportunities for segmentation and incremental revenue. For more advanced delinquencies our models can find effective internal or agency assignments to help control roll rates and minimize exposure. We also increase your performance by identifying dollars at risk and improve the allocation of your resources for better efficiency and productivity.

Insurance Companies

In today's tight market with greater losses, insurers are looking for better tools to underwrite, adjudicate and price policies to lower risk. For Property + Casualty insurers, the Property Loss Underwriting model HITSPlus predicts the presence, frequency and severity of claims occurring in the first two years of a policy's inception or renewal. For Auto insurers, the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Predictor produces a score based on current claims and credit bureau data to save money by advising on the necessity of costly reports.


Since we all need utilities, there is little customer intimacy and collections tend to be characterized at high volumes with low balances. SCORE brings discipline to utilities that may not have sophisticated systems for collections.

Collection Agencies

Today's landscape of lower margins and increasing client requirements has made the collections business even more competitive. Agencies are spending more effort to get accounts to cure or pay. SCORE works with agencies to develop strategies to improve your bottom line.


Customer retention is a big issue, and significant marketing dollars are spent establishing and sustaining telephony customer loyalty. SCORE's telephony clients have reported significantly reduced churn rates and have identified scoring as a key component in the development of retention strategies.


Retail credit relationships have their own unique characteristics. Balances are typically lower and the relationship can be shallow. SCORE can help retailers manage this higher risk proposition.

Selective Scoring

The Selective Scoring option is designed to segment and prioritize larger portfolios quickly and economically. It is a cost effective tool which is easy to integrate into your strategy and it is customizable down to the specific scoring model (30, 90, 180 or 360 Days Delinquent). The portfolio will be segmented by probability of recovery and users can score the portion of a portfolio that is above, below or within a pre-set score range. This option is very resource effective and yields immediate results.

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