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SCORE's clients consistently improve efficiency, increase account receivables and maximizing return on investment.

We deliver results.

When you become a client with SCORE, you'll see money-saving results that will increase the value of your business and increase return on your investment (ROI). Here are some examples:

An eight to one return on investment for collection agencies.

We work with SCORE to develop models that maximize recoveries and profitability on our debt. By continually monitoring inputs and output, SCORE helps us better understand our portfolios, so we know what’s working and what to tweak.

We are fortunate to have a true business partnership with SCORE, as we have openness and effective communication, and there are no hidden agendas. When others come in to pitch us occasionally, it only reinforces our belief that we’ve already found the best solution in SCORE.

President, Collections Agency

10% roll rate improvement for large retailers.

As a debt buyer, SCORE provided us clear and concise data on portfolios we were reviewing for purchase. Their data confirmed the range of collection results we had hoped to see, so we were pleased when our expectations were confirmed with what actually happened in reality. SCORE’s precise results gave us the confidence to purchase (or not purchase) receivables with accurate expectations.

Our company was also involved in purchasing accounts on a “forward flow” basis, where we received the same type and quality of accounts on a monthly basis at a pre-determined price. With SCORE’s comprehensive data, we were able to confirm the quality of the accounts and verify our results.

Working with SCORE was a pleasure since there was always an open, honest dialogue. When challenged with a new issue, the team came back with a matrix that provided the best possible data. SCORE also made referrals into certain opportunities that we weren’t aware of, giving us access to new markets and also giving the seller access to more potential buyers.

Our relationship with SCORE proved to be very helpful for our business.

Former President, U.S. Debt Buyer

Schedule 1 Canadian Chartered Banks achieved a 30% lift in the first 60 days and a 10% lift over four years.

SCORE has helped us review our agency outsourcing. The SCORE team developed a strategy on how to maximize returns, and introduced us to top performing partners in the market. Through the modeling process, we were able to get a lot clearer on what we needed to do, and we were certainly pleased with the 20 percent lift in returns.

I can't say enough about the SCORE team and their approach. They are a great group of people who provide clarity and are able to simplify the process for their clients. SCORE always has great ideas, and they are particularly good at getting down to the bottom line benefit. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the accounts receivable management space.

Director of Collection, Schedule 1 Chartered Canadian Bank

Consistently improving efficiency, increasing account receivables and maximizing return on investment.

I have used Score Statistical over my career for most of their services. I used their analytical services to evaluate and recommend accounts that could be profitably migrated to a new product. The success was overwhelming as the new product generated sales significantly above plan and forecast. I have also used the analytics to validate custom scorecards used which enabled me to close out regulatory audit findings.

I have also used Score for their debt sale expertise. Score has exercised several debt sales for me and each one has delivered a large dividend to our bottom line. Even post crisis, Score was able to set up a stable of potential buyers for the charged off debt.

Collection scores are the staple of Score’s business and I have used the scores to build a risk based pricing program for collection agencies. It reduced cost and delivered increased performance.

Finally, Score provides an outsource service for post charge off debt collections. It allowed my team to focus on early stage delinquency as Score managed the placement of post charge off debt to the best performing agencies. It helped to increase my recovery rate and have my valuable resources focus on bringing early stage accounts back to current.

Score has provided valuable service to me over the course of 10 years. The speed and nimbleness as well as the professionalism is what continued to bring me back to use their services.

Former Bank Senior Executive

It was a big plus because they were able to share their knowledge and industry best practices with us.

Since we were new to debt sales, as we began to explore the market to gain a better understanding, we turned to SCORE for their expertise in the field. It was a big plus because they were able to share their knowledge and industry best practices with us. They guided us through the entire process, from data capture to valuation, from optimizing the portfolio's value and taking it to market.

VP Collection and Fraud Management, Schedule 1 Canadian Bank

They have always delivered on time and at a more detailed level than required

We have worked on multiple scoring validation projects with SCORE Statistical over the past several years, and they have always delivered on time and at a more detailed level than required. Their flexibility and ability to take on projects on short notice allows us the flexibility to manage our internal resources and projects more effectively.

Thomas Higgins, Director of Credit Risk & Fraud, PC Financial

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