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Outsourcing Collection Services

Collection servicer management for receivables, bankrupt, credit counselling and deceased accounts.

Consultation to improve your collections and recovery process.

SCORE acts as your outsourcing partner to help, improve and manage your receivables. We work with your collection servers to oversee and orchestrate the entire gamut of activity in your accounts receivable management from charge-off portfolios to handling your entire back-end processes. These processes include: Requests for Proposals (RFP), inventory assignment, performance management, operational audits, data warehousing, management reporting, customer service supports, and contractual consulting.

Manage and create your RFPs and RFIs with ease.

RFP/RFI Management

SCORE makes it easy for you to manage and create RFIs/RFPs for third party agency, bankruptcy proposal, credit counseling and probate service providers. Our consultation services also ensure that your RFI/RFP content meets your requirements, as a credit grantor. These requirements could include:

  • Defining the operational engagements.
  • Data security provisions.
  • Privacy/PIPEDA requirements.
  • Internal financial controls.
  • Complaint procedures.
  • Quality control planning.
  • Financial statements to illustrate stability.
  • Litigation details.

After receiving and reviewing your RFI/RFP responses, our recommendations make it easy for you to choose. SCORE will liaise with contacts, internal or external counsel to develop a good working relationship with service providers.

SCORE makes it easy for you to manage data.

Managing your data.

SCORE interacts directly with your credit grantor host provider via batch or APIs for daily data feeds and to provide the initial assignment of accounts for your servicers. We keep a system of record for accounts and are involved with the extraction, transfer and loading (ETL) of transactions, and provide management reporting and business intelligence dashboards that provide immediate insights into portfolio performance.

Data integrity is central to your operation, and SCORE deploys multi-layered controls and automated processes to ensure account statuses and balances are is always accurate and up-to-date. We also create audit trails, system logs, error checks, and employ active file monitoring for ETL process. For data security we ensure your account closeouts are completed in a timely manner and all file transfers are conducted through hardened PCI compliant servers using industry proven and secure file transfers and encryption.

SCORE ensures your collection agency performance is up to a competitive standard.

Managing your agencies for top performance.

SCORE manages your collection servicers for top performance to ensure they deliver up to competitive standards. We develop cumulative and batch recovery targets and KPI's and identify areas and gaps for improvement. SCORE will advise if service providers need to be replaced, calculate your market share and make recommendations about agency fees or commissions.

Day-to-day liaison for all requests and correspondence from service providers.

Hassle-free administration, accounting and reporting.

SCORE will act as the day-to-day liaison for all requests and correspondence from service providers on statuses, updates, permissions to sue, underparameter settlement requests and fraud investigations.

SCORE helps you with the account reconciliation of monthly statements from business partners. We process agency payments and status updates made to service providers and provide monthly reporting to summarize activities within a period. This includes competitive service performance, portfolio trending, vintage reporting and closeouts.

Agency audits to ensure customer touchpoints are calibrated in a manner consistent with your brand.

Worry-free auditing and compliance.

We take the worry out of auditing and compliance to make sure you're current by conducting agency audits to ensure customer touchpoints are calibrated in a manner consistent with your brand. Audits undergo a full operational review and include adherence to SLA’s, management and collector interviews, licensing, insurance, privacy compliance, physical security, call monitoring, account level file reviews, collection letter reviews, work plan examinations and training.

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