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Dog-eat-dog world of asset management, thrive as a cat

Thursday February 14, 2019

In the dog-eat-dog world of asset management, here’s how to thrive as a cat.
You’ve heard that business is a dog-eat-dog world; the same holds true in asset management. While financial wealth is on a strong growth trajectory around the world, asset management faces increased challenges – disruptive digital technologies, regulatory changes that require ever-more spending on compliance, increasingly sophisticated and cost-conscious investors and need for more active management – all putting pressure on profits. So how does any company thrive in the complicated world of asset management? The answer, of course, lies in agility. It’s an attribute that SCORE emphasizes, one that all our processes, analytics and modeling aim to facilitate for every accounts receivables team.  In order to develop agile and responsive processes in, we help your company:
1.     Reassess account segments and strategies  
SCORE helps businesses make more informed decisions on where to take advantage of geographies, asset classes and segments that will see the highest risk related return through advanced portfolio analytics. We can recommend the establishment of early out programmes, setting up fee-for-service with agency partners, providing focus for your resources and identifying portfolio segments for sale.
2.    Identify and manage risk
SCORE’s agile models can analyse companies’ accounts receivables in order to predict which accounts at various stages of delinquency are likely to pay.  This, in turn, allows a company to customize its credit terms and forms of communication to increase the efficiency of its collection efforts. 
3.    Invest in digital and analytical capabilities for increased agility  
In today’s world of digital disruption, technology and analytical models can give your company the edge. SCORE’s solutions can generate profits for you at every stage of a customer’s credit life cycle. For recent delinquencies, SCORE can identify opportunities for segmentation and incremental revenue gains. For more advanced delinquencies, our models can identify effective internal or agency assignments to assist in controlling roll rates and reducing exposure. We increase your company’s performance by identifying capital at risk and improve resource allocation for increased efficiency and productivity.SCORE can evaluate or recommend accounts that can be migrated to a new product, validate custom score cards, and develop risk-based pricing programmes for collection agencies. We also provide an outsource service for post charge off debt collections, allowing clients to increase recovery rates and focus on bringing early stage accounts to current.   
4.    Anticipate new regulations 
By ensuring your company’s compliance with new and upcoming regulations, you can remain at the forefront of change. SCORE can assist your company with a range of services that facilitate compliance with regulators requiring independent, third party validation of score card performance.  We also create statistical calculations and tests to determine the efficiency of your score card models. 
At SCORE, we help businesses become more agile in managing their assets through advanced modeling and analytics.
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