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Distressed Debt Asset Brokering

Assistance in establishing data sufficiency, information sharing and due diligence before sale negotiations begin.

Generate income from non-performing assets through portfolio sale assistance.

SCORE was the first in the industry to manage the sales of distressed consumer debt on behalf of Canada’s Schedule A banks. We’re also the broker-of-choice for some of the largest transactions in Canada. We’ve successfully brokered that sale of more than $12 billion in distressed debt for our lender clients, providing some of the following benefits for sellers:

  • Generating immediate income from your non-revenue producing asset to free up core capital.
  • Greater certainty on your return by transferring collections risk to another party.
  • Potential to improve your over-all liquidation rates.
  • Operational cost savings (administration, data management, audits/QA, inventory handling) so you can focus on core activities.
  • Forms part of your overall collection and recovery process.
  • Can be structured to share in your upside (back-end).

At SCORE, we believe there is a process that enables a profitable transaction with a suitable partner, ensuring ample protection from reputational risks. After determining the objectives behind a sale and the composition of the sale portfolio, we assist clients in many aspects of completing a sale.

  • Performing portfolio valuations, business casing and assist with satisfying corporate governance.
  • Performing due diligence on potential buyers and service providers.
  • Vetting accounts and data for sale.
  • Creating a sales package and presenting a portfolio that includes bid files, portfolio segmentations, solicitation letters, liquidation curves, Q&A, etc.
  • Creating frameworks for various deal structures such as warehouse/bulk, forward flow, back-end, etc.
  • Creating purchase agreements and perform negotiation to finalize the sale.
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