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Custom Scores

Working closely with you to determine the best custom model approach.

Customized solutions for your unique business needs.

SCORE works closely with you to build tailored solutions for your specific modeling challenges. Steps to build your custom model include:

  • Design your project.
  • Determine your appropriate model objective and target population.
  • Develop a representative sample design for your unique business and vet quality data.
  • Segmentation analysis of the modeling population you require.
  • Provide appropriate performance definitions and exclusions.
  • Develop your model.
  • Validation and acceptance.
  • Implement your model.

Previous customized scoring models included:

  • Insurance property scores.
  • U.S. student loan models.
  • Cure model for federal government outsource programs.
  • Marketing and solicitation models for private label credit card conversion to MasterCard.
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