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Growing your business with SCORE's expert insights for greater returns.

The authority in accounts receivable management.

SCORE is dedicated to offering clarity and providing unique models and unparalleled results. We're a niche player in the account management and collections arena and have become an authority in the industry since 1997. Our team has the depth and breadth of experience to objectively analyze, clarify, recommend and execute strategies and solutions that deliver results for clients like you.

Working collaboratively with you, SCORE finds solutions to increase returns with little disruption to your internal operations.

Increase performance with portfolio analytics.

SCORE's broad experience and specific expertise make us uniquely positioned to solve your unique portfolio challenges. We conduct portfolio analysis to identify account segments and strategies for your contact and collection treatment paths. With more intelligent portfolio segmentation, SCORE can recommend establishing early out programs, setting up fee-for-service with agencies partners, providing focus for your resources and identifying portfolio segments for sale.

SCORE's portfolio analytics provide you with unique insights to deploy strategies to increase your bottom-line accounts receivable management performance.

SCORE is the authority in the account management and collections industry.

Your trusted advisor for score card validations.

SCORE helps you with a host of services to comply with regulators requiring independent third parties validation of score card performance. SCORE creates statistical calculations and tests to determine the efficiency of your score card models:

  • Determining your KS and ROC/Gini, bad captured rates, log-odds and your delinquency population distribution, etc.
  • Measuring and testing the scaling of theoretical odds to actual results to ensure ranking order.
  • Providing reports outlining population stability index by vintage to ensure stability of the target population.
  • Creating summaries and reports on approval rates, activation rates, bad rates, declines and exclusions for understanding portfolio trending.
  • Base-lining score card results versus industry standards to measure incremental information value.
  • Population subsets analysis to address score performance in various contexts.
  • Geography, demographics, acquisition channel, balance range, etc.
  • Review your design components scores to determine if the design is applicable.
  • Review sample design, independent variable analysis/validation, exclusions, variable treatment, scoring approach/calculations, etc.
  • Recommend any changes to your score card for optimal performance.
  • Refit, redesign, reporting and constant monitoring, etc.
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